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The Evolution of Mindfulness and Productivity

Sence can track precisely when and where you experience:


By applying this data, Sence can help you:


But, how the heck can a wearable be used to track emotions?

Sence can track emotions by very closely listening to your heart beat. Every emotion causes your heart to beat in a slightly different way. Think about how differently your heart beats when you are in a rage versus when you are in a calm state of serene happiness.

These, tiny changes in the heart rate are untraceable with traditional wearables. Sence uses revolutionary technology that allows it to track these differences using ECG (aka EKG) signals. ECG analysis is 250 times more precise that existing fitness trackers and smart watches and Sence is the first to release a technology that can measure ECG from one wrist. With this unprecedented level of accuracy it is not surprising people are calling Sence a “breakthrough”.


How Does Sense's Emotion-Tracking Technology Work?

Sence can recognize the minute variations in between your heart’s contractions. Using ECG (also known as EKG) tracking technology. Sence is the first wearable to be able to track ECG from one wrist which allows it to take readings all day and collect the data it needs to train you on how to maximize your happiness and reduce your sadness.


Sence Helps You Take Action

SenceHub’s powerful algorithms turn the raw data provided by SenceBand into actionable analytics. Using SenceHub you’ll be able to:

1. Track your stress, vitality and emotions so you can adjust your daily routine to maximize happiness and productivity.


2. Track your daily physical activity, steps, heart rate and vitality levels. Now you'll finally know what time of day is YOUR best to pump iron or go for a run by understanding how your vitality naturally ebbs and flows.


3. Get notifications when something interesting recently happened with your own emotional states or to those of someone in your network. This will help you understand the kind of support you can offer whether it be giving them their space, going to cheer them up or anywhere in between.

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Sence can be used in different ways depending on your goals.
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SenceHub: Your Beacon for Self-Mastery

With each ECG scan, SenceHub syncs up with your calendar and takes a snapshot of your location so you know exactly when and where the scan was taken. This gives you maximum insight into the origins of each emotion so you can identify patterns and course correct.

With SenceBand’s unprecedented precision and accuracy it has the functionality to extract some of your body’s most valuable information. Use it to best understand your body and mind in ways you never thought possible. You can also share it with your friends and family to stay in tune and connected to the well being of those you love.

Key Features

Sence’s mobile app, SenceHub, contains sophisticated algorithms that analyze the data provided by SenceBand and presents them to you in exquisite detail.

Few people realize, but many traditional fitness tracking wearables use outdated technologies such as optical sensors that end up only being about 70% accurate in measuring your heart’s activities.


Combine the accuracy of SenseBand with the computational aspects of the SenceHub and give yourself unprecedented insights into your lifes and well being.
SenseHub Biometric Data
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Why is Sence Different?

The bottom line is that these sensors track pulse waves, which are phenomena caused by the heart beat but which also have many other, unrelated factors that effect their frequency. Besides, you can track your pulse with your own finger! Why pick a device that tracks a phenomenon you can track yourself? Sence tracks something fundamentally different and dramatically more precise:electrocardiography (ECG)

Sence is able to track data that is so much more accurate than what's out there.

SenceBand's ECG Tracking

How accurate is Sence? Below is the result of a test that was done that compared Sence to a standard, medical-grade ECG device. You'll see that the R-peaks (the critical phenomena to understanding true heart-rate and emotions) match up perfectly with the medical grade control.


But don't take our word for it! Check out our SenceBand prototype in action for yourself in the uncut demo videos below. We made them to show SenceBand's early-prototype functionality:

SenceBand's ECG Tracking from One Wrist

SenceBand measures ECG using a patent-pending technology that allows it to cancel out the electromagnetic "noise" from your body. This mechanism filters out things like electrical signals from muscle contractions and leaves only the electromagnetic feed from your heart (ECG) . This filtering method is completely novel and makes SenceBand the only smart bracelet capable of measure ECG from one wrist.

There are two main pillars to understanding how the science behind Sence works:

  1. How SenceBand can accurately measure ECG signals from one wrist
  2. How SenceHub can turn those raw ECG signals into emotional insights

Video 1: Sence's ECG Signal

Video 2: Sence Tracking Emotions

Getting Emotions from ECG Analysis

Okay, so now you understand how SenceBand tracks ECG signals from just one wrist, but how can this help to infer anything about emotions? Aren't emotions all about what is going on in your brain? What does the heart have to do with emotions? Actually, there is an intimate link between the brain and heart. In fact, the heart's nervous system even contains 40,000 neurons!

Your heart rate is determined by the two competing systems in the body: The sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system is known as the "fight or flight" pathway and it tries to pull your heart in a direction of excitement. The parasympathetic nervous system is known as the "rest and digest" pathway and tries to mellow your heart out and slow down its beats. All our emotions leave a unique footprint in this constant battle between sympathetic and parasympathetic control. These footprints can be read using heart rate variability (HRV) analysis of ECG data. Since Sence accurately tracks R-peaks it can identify the unique signals associated with each emotion.


How Many Emotions can Sence Track?

With Sence's unique ability to analyze heart rate variability, it can track 64 different emotions and bodily states in you and your loved ones. Specifically, Sence can track 2 flavours (intensity levels) of each of the 32 emotions found in Plutchik's Wheel of Emotions, a standard emotional reference tool in medicine and psychology.

Further Scientific Reading

Want to dig deeper into the Science behind Sence? Click on any of the topics below to be linked to a peer-reviewed scientific article that covers it in detail:

A Design Worth Staring At

SenceBand’s design was created by the famous Red Dot Award winner, Donn Koh and his Singaporean team at Stuck Design. Before helping to create SenceBand he worked on multiple projects for Microsoft, Dell, Samsung, HTC and T-Mobile. Our engineers and physicists worked closely with Donn Koh’s team to ensure technological prowess and aesthetics could co-exist in SenceBand’s unmistakable appearance. Check out Sence's visual journey below:

Inside the SenceBand